We are always looking for stewards to help run the sessions. You choose the sessions and jobs that you want to do.  Some volunteers are able to do many sessions during the three weeks while some only do a few but it all helps.  Without the required number of stewards we can not run the festival.  Reasonable travel expenses etc are paid where needed.  If you volunteer to do two consecutive sessions (i.e. morning and afternoon or afternoon and evening) you will get fed during the break,

Door/Box Office Stewards: are responsible for selling tickets and programmes.

Table Stewards: work with the Adjudicator and are responsible for filling in the Certificates, record sheets etc.

Announcers: responsible for announcing any notices at the beginning of the session, announcing each class and entrant and making sure that the Adjudicator has any cups or trophies at hand for the class in progress.

Hall Stewards: assist the door steward if required, generally assist with queries and help to keep any excessive movement or noise down while performances are taking place. Occasionally they may be asked to help with the making and distribution of refreshments.

Training is given where required.  New Table Stewards always work with an experienced steward until they feel competent.

If you are interested please message us on the FB page and a steward coordinator will get back to you.