Community Action Awards 2017

On Friday 5th May 4 of us attended the Community Action Awards 2017 Ceremony at the Riverside Centre in Newport, having been entered into the top 3 finalists for an award in our category, Arts and Heritage, one of 8 categories eligible for the competition.  The aim is to encourage and reward the dedication within the voluntary sector, focusing on volunteering, local achievement and self-help.  We were delighted to win first place in our category and the cash award that came with it will be used to help with our aim of encouraging more groups and individuals with difficulties to take part in the Festival.   Once all the categories had received their awards an overall winner and runner-up was declared and to our surprise and amazement we heard that we were Overall Runner-Up!  The money we received will be used to help with the cost of our free Performance Workshops which we are currently organising to be held in September.

Thank you so much to Community Action, to Morris Crocker, Chartered Accountants for sponsoring our category and to Janet Coates, our secretary, for entering us in the first place!!  We feel very honoured to receive these awards amongst all the other dedicated volunteer organisations in the competition.